Welcome to The purpose of this website is to spread awareness of mental disorders and more generally about the nature of human mind itself. As Michio Kaku pointed out in his famous book: “The brain weighs only three pounds, yet it is the most complex object in the solar system”.


While I have always been fascinated by a mystery of human mind, as a software programmer interested in computer science and technologies I never really paid any attention to mental disorders or let's say - the state of mind in situations when human brain doesn't work exactly the way it is supposed to. As it often happens in life though - unexpected things come and when you see people close to you who suffer by these problems it makes you wonder and think.. pretty much about everything. Mental disorders are one of the greatest source of pain and suffering to both, the patients and people close to them. This website will not solve the problem. I do however, feel like it is important to spread the awarness and perhaps let the people realize how much of research is still needed. In the end, it is not only about mental disorders - it is about deeper understanding of one of the greatest mysteries of the universe - the mind.

Thank you for your visit. More about me and my contact, can be found at my website: Ivan Sivak


Feel free to contact me in case you find any inaccuracy. If you are a neuroscientist, psychiatrist or any other relevant professional with an idea for improvement feel free to contact me as well. Thank you.